f-w-r-d offers one of a kind craftsmanship. Hand-knitted, custom-made Accessories
and Styles. The collections are contrasty - straightforward & asymmetric ,
modern & classic, raw & fine, minimal & extravagant - sustained easy chick for
woman and man

Flowing overgarments in winter and in contradiction f.e. light bikinis in summer -
accompanied by playful Accessories like bags, hats, scarfs and more.
Luxurious ingredients from cashmere, merino wool, pima cotton, silk and linen
towards hand-cut lycra and hand-painted leater

A delicious varying mix whole-hearted compiled and fair produced walks around point
by point into the exclusive "f-w-r-d unique
items, to be snatched in one season - to be worn in long-distance

f-w-r-d / Brian Michael Seyum Maistr.26 80337 München info@f-w-r-d.com